Outboard Motors
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2. Adjust throttle roller shaft by loosening stop nut and turn shaft until throttle roller just contacts throttle cam at index line. Figure 6. NOTE
1. On 115 and 140 HP. models remove each carburetor cover by removing three (3) screws. Figure 5.
If cam has single index mark, middle of roller should be on mark. If cam has double set of marks, roller should be between marks.
3. Secure roller position by tightening stop nut. 4. Proceed to throttle shutter adjustments.
Throttle Shutter Adjustment.
1. Pivot throttle cam away from throttle roller on carburetor. Figure 7. 2. Loosen throttle tie bar screws. Figure 7. 3. Check to be sure that throttle shutters are closed. 4. Tighten throttle tie bar screws. Move throttle roller slowly by hand to see that both throttle levers begin moving at same time. If not, adjust accordingly. 5. Snap throttle link back on to towershaft. 6. Set engine at wide open throttle position and check throttle shutters to see if they are horizontal. If not, adjust link between throttle cam and towershaft. Retighten jam nuts after adjusting link.
Figure 5. Removing Carburetor Covers.
Figure 6. Adjusting Throttle Pick-Up.
Th rottle Pick-Up Adjustment. 1. Disconnect throttle link at towershaft.
Figure 7. Adjusting Throttle Shutters.
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