Johnson Evinrude - Thermostat Servicing - V6

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Thermostat Servicing - V6

1. Push the hose off the nipple with a flat blade screwdriver. Remove the four screws retaining the thermostat cover.
2. Remove the cover, gasket, and spring.
3. Remove the thermostat assembly.
4. Remove the thermostat sleeve in the cylinder head and inspect. Replace if damaged.
5. Inspect the cover, gasket, and nipple. Replace if damaged.
6. Inspect the thermostat assembly, seal, and spring. Replace if damaged.
1. Insert the sleeve into the powerhead.
2. Install the thermostat assembly into the powerhead.
3. Install the spring and cover with gasket into the powerhead. Install the screws and torque to 60-80 in. lbs. (7-9 N-m).
4. Push the hose onto the nipple.
Thermostat Servicing - V8
1. Remove four screws retaining thermostat cover. Remove cover and gasket.
2. Remove thermostat assembly and inspect for heat damage or corrosion.
1. Insert the pin into the vernatherm with the convex end of the pin facing out.
2. Position vernatherm in seal. Position retainer and spring in thermostat housing. Assemble halves.
3. Install the thermostat assembly into the cylinder head with the pin end of thermostat facing out.
4. Lightly coat both sides of a new thermostat cover gasket with OMC Gasket Sealing Compound. Position the gasket and the spring on the thermostat cover.
5. Install the thermostat cover. Install the screws and torque them to 60-84 in. lbs. (7-9 N-m).
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