Johnson Evinrude - Removal of Carburetors - 120, 140 Models

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Removal of Carburetors - 120, 140 Models

The 120, 140 models are equipped with two 2-barrel carburetors. Each carburetor assembly consists of a throttle body and two main body and float chambers. The latter are made of a nonmetallic material. To prevent damage, observe special cleaning, torquing sequence, and torque specifications. The carburetors are only serviced as assemblies.
The carburetors are unique in that each main body may be removed individually for cleaning or service without disturbing the throttle body or linkage. If the engine is being disassembled, the carburetor assemblies may be removed.
Do not run engine at high speed on boat with air silencer removed. Powerhead damage may occur due to a lean running condition.
Removal of Carburetor Main Body - 120, 140 Models
1. Remove air silencer cover screws. Remove air silencer and lay aside.
2. Remove four mounting screws @ for each carburetor to be removed.
3. Remove main body and float chamber assembly and discard carburetor body seal(s) .
4. Cut tie strap and remove fuel inlet hose(s).
2-V6 Rec.
Disassembly of Carburetors - 120, 140 Models
1. Remove float chamber screws.
2. Use a large flat blade screwdriver to remove high speed orifice plug from float chamber.
3. Use OMC Special Tool P/N 317002 (Orifice Plug Screwdriver) to remove high speed orifice.
4. Remove float hinge pin anchor screw from float chamber.
5. Remove float and float valve from float chamber.
6. Remove float valve seat from float chamber.
7. Remove and discard float chamber gasket from carburetor main body.
8. Remove cover plate screws. Remove cover plate and discard gasket.
9. Remove id|e air bleed orifice ® .
10. Remove intermediate air bleed orifice .
11. Refer to Cleaning, Inspection and Repair, in this section.
2-V6 Rec.
Reassembly of Carburetor - 120, 140 Models
1. Install intermediate air bleed orifice. Tighten orifice securely.
2. Install idle air bleed orifice. Tighten orifice securely.
3. Using a new gasket, install cover plate and secure with mounting screws. Tighten screws to a torque of 2-2,7 N-m (18-24 in.|bs.).
4. Install a new float chamber gasket on carburetor main body.
5. Install float valve seat in float chamber. Tighten seat secu rely.
6. Assemble float valve on float using spring clip. Position hinge pin on float valve and install in float chamber.
7. Install hinge pin anchor screw. Tighten screw to a torque of 2-2,7 N-m (18-24 in.lbs.). Hold float chamber in inverted position and use a straightedge to check float height. Float height should be level with gasket surface of float chamber: 0,793mm (1/32 in). If float requires adjustment, remove anchor screw and bend tang on float lever. Reassemble float into float chamber and check adjustment.
8. Install high speed orifice in float chamber. Tighten orifice securely.
9. Install high speed orifice plug in float chamber. Tighten to a torque of 3,3-3,9 N-m (30-35 in.|bs.).
10. Position float chamber on carburetor main body and install mounting screws. Tighten screws in torque sequence shown by number. Tighten screws to a torque of 2-2,? N-m (18-24 in.|bs.).
2-V6 Rec.
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