Johnson Evinrude - Removal of Carburetor, Intake Manifold and Leaf Valve - 9.9 and 15

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Removal of Carburetor, Intake Manifold and Leaf Valve - 9.9 and 15

1. Avoid accidental starting of motor. Disconnect the electrical connector between armature plate and power pack.
2. Remove the low speed adjustment knob, air silencer cover screws and air silencer screws.
3. Disengage the choke knob from the choke lever. Pull the choke knob from the lower motor cover. Lift the choke knob detent from the carburetor.
4. Tie a slip knot in the starter rope at the starter pulley. Remove the starter handle and bumper from the starter rope. Remove the manual starter mounting screw. Lift the manual starter from the powerhead and thread a 3/8"-16 nut on the mounting screw to retain the starter as an assembly.
5. Remove the cam follower shoulder screw and washer. Set the cam follower assembly aside.
6. Remove the two carburetor retaining nuts. Remove carburetor and gasket from the powerhead. Remove the fuel hose tie-strap and disconnect the fuel hose from the carburetor.
7. To remove the intake manifold and leaf valve, remove the powerhead as described in Section 4. Powerhead. Remove the six intake manifold screws. Disassemble the intake manifold, leaf valve and gaskets from the powerhead.
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Disassembly of Carburetor - 5, 6, 8, 9.9 and 1 5
1. Remove four screws and separate float chamber from carburetor body . Remove and discard float chamber gasket. Remove and discard boss gasket (if equipped). Remove pug, gasket and high speed orifice (if equipped).
2. Remove low speed packing nut (if equipped). Remove needle valve. Remove retainer or packing from carburetor using care to avoid damaging threads in carburetor body.
3. Remove hinge pin, float , spring clip and float valve.
4. Remove valve seat and gasket.
Remove high speed orifice plug (if equipped).
Refer to Cleaning, Inspection and Repair.
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