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Thoroughly wipe off oil from the fitting surfaces of the cylinder head and cover. Uniformly apply SUZUKI BOND “12078” or “1215” to the cylinder head cover.
For USA 99104-31140: SUZUKI BOND “12073” For the other countries 4E 99000-31110: SUZUKI BOND “1215”
NOTE: Do not apply SUZUKI BOND “12073” or “1215” to the camshaft end cap (1). Pour engine oil into the oil pocket in the cylinder head. Apply engine oil to the cam drive chain. Install the two dowel pins (2) to the cylinder head side. Install the camshaft end cap Q).
Install a gasket to each head cover bolt as shown. A CAUTION Use a new gasket to prevent oil leakage. NOTE: When tightening the cylinder head cover bolts, the piston position must be at (TDC) on the compression stroke.
Lightly tighten the cylinder head cover bolts diagonally, then tighten securely with a torque wrench to the specified torque in the order indicated in the photo.
Cylinder head cover bolt: 10 N-m (1.0 kg-m, 7.0 lb-ft)
CAM DRIVE CHAIN TENSIONER Install the cam drive chain tensioner following the procedure below. Apply SUZUKI MOLY PASTE to the push rod GD. 199000-25140: SUZUKI MOLY PASTE