Arctic Cat - Center Crankcase Components

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Center Crankcase Components

2. Using Crankcase Separator/Crankshaft Remover (p/n 0444-009) and tapping lightly With a rubber mallet, separate the crankcase halves. Account for two alignment pins.
INOTE: This procedure cannot be done with the engine/transmission in the frame. Complete Removing procedures for Top-Side, Left-Side, and Right-Side must precede this procedure.
INOTE: For efficiency, it is preferable to remove and disassemble only those components which need to be addressed and to service only those components. The technician should use discretion and sound judgment.
Separating Crankcase Halves
INOTE: To keep the shaft/gear assemblies intact for identification, tap the shafts toward the left-side crankcase half when separating the halves.
1. Remove the left-side and right-side cap screws securing the crankcase halves noting the position of the different-sized cap screws for joining purposes.
Disassembling Crankcase Half
1. Remove the secondary (4X4 models) and pfimary dfiveshaft assemblies. Account for the beating alignment C-fing on the beating boss next to the pinion gear.
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