Outboard Motors
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DESCRIPTION The poww head is made up of in-Iine twin cylinderc, whose bore and stroke is 72 mm (2.83 m; and 61 mm (2.4 in). The total piston displacement is 496 cc (30.3 c.in). To prodUCe simultaneous sparks in the two cylinders, a capacitor discharge ignition (CDI) system is used.
Remove the battery wires from starter relay and electric motor.
PREPARATION FOR REMOVAL 1. All dirt, mud, dust, and foreign material must be cleaneo from the engine before the engine is removed and disassembled. This will help keep foreign material out of the engine. Before engine removal and disassembly, be sure that you have the proper tools and cleaning equipment. With them you can perform a clean and efficient job.
1. Starter relay
NOTE: When disassembling the engine, keep “mated” parts together. This incIudes cylinders, pistons, and other parts that have been “mated" through normal wear. “Mated” parts must be reused as an assembly or replaced.
1. Electricmotor
2. Disconnect the lead (red) between the starter relay and fuse, and disconnect the two leads of the neutral switch.
During engine disassembly, clean all parts and place them in trays in their order of disassembly. This will speed up assembly and help assure that all parts are correctly reinstalled in the engine. Secure an engine stand to a bench with a vice.
3. Remove one of the starter stay set bolts, and remove the two ground leads.
Disconnect the white lead connecting the CDI unit to the wire harness.
1. White lead
2. Black lead
4. Bring the rectifier leads out of the holder and disconnect them at the joints.
NOTE: For the removal of the starter motor, refer to page 4-5.
Manual starter model Remove the stop switch white and black lead wires from CDI unit lead wire (white) and CDI unit bracket (black).
1. Holder
5. Remove the nut from the ground lead bolt on the CDI unit and disconnect the ground lead.
1. White lead
2. Black lead
Neutral throttle opening device Remove the cotter pin, washer, and wave washer from the shift lever arm side of the joint link connecting the arm to the shift lever arm, and remove the joint link from the shift lever arm.
1. CDI unit bracket 3. Nut
Ground lead bolt Ground lead
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