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Shift Cable

1. Extend shift cable and lubricate with OMC Triple-Guard grease.
2. Verify that the fast idle lever is down in the RUN position.
3. Move the remote control handle to NEUTRAL.
Before connecting shift cable, verify control handle position and neutral lockout index plate orientation.
4. Move the remote control handle to full throttle in FORWARD.
5. Rotate the propeller shaft and shift the gearcase into FORWARD.
6. Install the shift cable on the shift lever pin. Install the flat washer. Install the Iocknut finger tight.
7. Pull firmly on cable casing to remove backlash and adjust cable trunnion nut to locate in anchor pocket.
8. Install the anchor pocket cover and torque screw to 60-84 in. lbs. (7-9 Nm).
9. Shift the remote control to NEUTRAL.
10. Temporarily remove the shift cable and verify that the gearcase is in its NEUTRAL detent.
If there are not enough threads on the shift cable to allow the adjustment in Step 7, or if the gearcase detent does not correspond with remote control NEUTRAL in Step 10, refer to Section 6 for shift rod height adjustment.
11. Attach shift cable to shift lever pin using locknut and washer supplied with engine. Tighten locknut securely.
When installing OMC Accessory Controls, except for prewired surface mount, the shift cable must be adjusted and installed when the control and engine are in NEUTRAL.
12. Slip rubber grommet onto control cables and press grommet into groove in lower engine cover.
13. Inspect installation to ensure that the control cables are attached to the proper engine levers by lifting the fast idle lever to the START position. If correctly attached, the throttle cable and engine throttle lever will move.
When installing a remote control that is not manufactured by Outboard Marine Corporation, you must verify that the shift cable stroke is compatible with this engine. This engine is designed to accept a shift stroke, measured between NEUTRAL and FORWARD, of 1.125-1.330 in. (28,6-33,8 mm).
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