Johnson Evinrude - Midsection Adjustments - 9.9/15

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Midsection Adjustments - 9.9/15

Tilt Friction Adjustment (Tiller Handle Models)
Use 9/16 in. wrench to tighten the tilt shaft nut only enough to control the return of the gearcase from TILT to RUN position.
Steering Friction Adjustment
Adjust steering friction with motor mounted to boat by loosening or tightening screw with screwdriver. Steering friction should be adjusted so that a slight drag is felt when turning. Minimum friction is required when remote steering is used. Do not overtighten. The steering friction screw is not intended to allow “hands off” steering.
Idle Speed Adjustment
The idle speed adjusting knob is located on the steering handle. Turning the knob clockwise increases idle speed, turning it counterclockwise decreases idle speed. Make certain that throttle is in SLOW position and the motor is at normal operating temperature before making the idle speed adjustment. Motor should idle at recommended RPM in gear.
Throttle Friction Adjustment
Some models are equipped with a throttle friction adjustment knob located on the steering handle. Tighten the knob to reduce the effort required to hold a throttle setting. Turn the knob:
clockwise to increase friction
counterclockwise to decrease friction
Tighten knob only enough to hold throttle at a constant engine speed. Overtightening will prevent quick throttle change in case of emergency.
Safety Related
Exhaust Housing Service - 20 thru 30
Removal and Disassembly
1. Remove the powerhead as described in Section 4.
2. Remove the gearcase as described in Section 6.
3. Remote Models - Remove the two screws (ID with lock washers retaining the shift lever .. Pull the shift lever out of the Iower engine cover.
4. Remove the actuator cam grommet © from the lower engine cover. Raise the grommet toward top of the actuator cam ®. To remove the actuator cam, pull base of it over the grease fitting ® in the adjustment lever and shaft.
5. Remove the four screws holding the lower engine cover to the exhaust housing. Lift the cover off the exhaust housing. If the washers on the exhaust housing are loose, remove them at this time.
6. Bend locking tab on the clip ® and remove the screw © and the clip retaining the shift lever to the bellcrank. Remove the shift shaft retainer ® with a small screwdriver. Hold the shift rod lever and the upper shift rod while removing the adjustment lever and shaft.
7. Remove two lower mount to exhaust housing screws from front of the lower mount housings.
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