Johnson Evinrude - Surface Mount Remote Control, Prewired

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Surface Mount Remote Control, Prewired

This remote control can be mounted on either side of the boat. The following procedures and photographs describe a starboard installation. If your remote control is mounted differently, consider that when consulting these pages.
1. Disconnect battery cables at the battery before servicing electrical systems, or risk injury from:
- burns or fire caused by a shorted positive battery cable.
- contact with moving parts if the engine is accidentally cranked or started.
2. Remove the remote control from the boat with cables still attached.
3. Remove control handle - loosen Allen head screw (.9 three complete turns.
4. Support control on blocks with the handle down and between them. Place a center punch in head of Allen head screw. Tap the punch with a plastic hammer to disengage the control handle splines from the hub splines. Remove the Allen head screw and the control handle.
5. Remove three screws from remote control, and pull halves apart.
6. Remove shift cable pin from shift control clevis, and disengage cable.
7. Lift throttle cable trunnion from pocket. Pull cable rearward to expose cable pin. Remove cable pin and cable.
8. Remove retainer plate screw and retainer plate.
9. Remove friction adjustment lever with adjustment screw as an assembly.
10. Remove two screws retaining neutral start switch. Remove neutral start switch.
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Surface Mount, Prewired
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