Johnson Evinrude - Propeller Installation - V4

Outboard Motors
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Propeller Installation - V4

1. Avoid accidental starting of engine while changing propellers; twist and remove all spark plug leads.
2. Place engine’s shift lever in NEUTRAL.
3. Coat the propeller shaft splines sparingly with OMC TripleGuard grease.
4. Place the thrust bushing in the propeller, then slide the assembly onto the propeller shaft.
5. Install the thrust washer on the propeller shaft splines.
6. Install the propeller nut and tighten to a torque of 120 in. lbs. (14 N-m). If cotter pin holes in the propeller nut and propeller shaft are not aligned, continue to tighten the nut until they are in line. Do not loosen.
7. Insert a new cotter pin through the propeller nut and shaft. Bend its ends over the nut to secure the assembly.
8. Make sure engine is in NEUTRAL; give propeller a spin. It must turn freely.
Water Pump Servicing - All Models
If the gearcase has been in service for any length of time, it is a good policy to install a water pump repair kit. To install the repair kit, proceed as fol|ows:
1. Remove the four screws retaining the impeller housing to the gearcase. Rotate the driveshaft counterclockwise to unlock the impeller cam.
2. Slide the water pump assembly offthe driveshaft. Remove the impeller drive cam, impeller O-ring, impeller plate ®, and impeller plate gasket. Discard the gasket.
1. Start by removing all the parts from the housing. Inspect the housing for cracks or melting.
2. Apply a drop of OMC Adhesive M sealant in the seal ring groove at each of the four ribs, as shown. Do not allow any adhesive to get into the air bleed groove in the impeller housing. If this groove is blocked by adhesive, the pump may lose its prime and not pump water.
Safety Related
3. Place the O-ring @ in groove in the impeller housing.
4. Lightly coat the exterior of the impeller cup with OMC Gasket Sealing Compound. Install the cup in the impeller housing.
5. Install the water tube grommet with the inside taper facing up.
6. Install the impeller housing cover.
7. Apply OMC Adhesive M sealant to flat side of the impeller housing grommet. Install the grommet, flat side down.
8. Lightly coat the liner with oil. With a counterclockwise rotation, install the impeller into the liner with slot for impeller cam facing out.
9. Run a thin bead of OMC Adhesive M sealant in the seal groove, and install the special shaped O-ring seal.
1. Apply OMC Gasket Sealing Compound to both sides of a new impeller plate gasket (D. Install the gasket and impeller plate.
2. Apply OMC Trip/e-Guard grease to a new impeller O-ring. Slide the O-ring down the driveshaft until it contacts the impeller plate.
3. Apply OMC Needle Bearing Assembly Grease to flat area of the driveshaft. Install the drive cam. The sharp edge of the cam is the leading edge during driveshaft rotation.
4. Slide the water pump assembly down the driveshaft. Align impeller slot with the impeller cam. Rotate the driveshaft to engage the impeller cam with the impeller, and slide water pump assembly down over impeller. Be sure impeller cam does not fall out of position.
Verify that the impeller engages the impeller cam properly. Serious powerhead damage will result if impeller cam is displaced.
5. Align the impeller housing with the gearcase. Apply OMC Gasket Sealing Compound to threads of the four impeller screws. Install the screws and tighten to a torque of 60-84 in. lbs. (7-9 N-m).
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