Johnson Evinrude - Jet Drive Servicing

Outboard Motors
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Jet Drive Servicing

Removal and Disassembly
1. To avoid accidental starting of engine while servicing, twist and remove all spark plug leads.
2. Remove nut ®, flat washer ., and shift cable end © from reverse gate cam.
3. Remove cable by rotating shift cable to vertical position and removing the adjusting nut and cable from the shift cable anchon
4. Remove six screws retaining the intake housing to the jet housing. Remove the intake housing.
5. Bend tab-lock washer ears (0) and remove impeller nut (9. Remove tab-lock washer and discard.
6. Note the number and placement of impeller shims. Refer to Impeller Clearance Adjustment. Remove impeller adjustment shims (9 from driveshaft.
7. Remove the impeller from the driveshaft. Retain the impeller key © and impeller sleeve ®.
8. As soon as the impeller is free of the driveshaft, check to see if any shims were above impeller. If 30, note their number and placement for reassembly, then remove them.
Safety Related
9. Remove the rear screw and spacer retaining jet housing to exhaust housing. Remove four screws and lock washers through the opening in the housing. Remove bearing housing, driveshaft, water pump, and jet housing as an assembly.
Gate Removal
1. Remove cam screw ®, eccentric nut Q, and bushings ©.
2. Remove cam roller nut, and remove cam assembly from reverse gate arm.
3. Move roller to position shown, and remove roller from cam.
4. Remove screws ® retaining reverse gate shafts. With a punch and mallet, lightly tap shafts from housing. If forward stop is to be replaced, remove screw ®, and remove stop and spring.
5. Remove reverse gate from housing, and inspect shaft bushings. Replace if worn or damaged.
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