Johnson Evinrude - Exhaust Housing Servicing

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Exhaust Housing Servicing

1. Remove the gearcase as described in Section 6.
2. Remove the powerhead as described in Section 4.
3. Remove the four screws (lower mount to bracket).
4. Remove the exhaust housing.
5. Remove the lower mount covers and inspect the lower mounts.
1. Remove the front and rear screws retaining the adapter/ inner exhaust housing to the exhaust housing.
2. Lift the adapter/inner exhaust housing out of the exhaust housing.
3. Remove the water tube. Inspect the water tube grommet and replace if necessary.
1. Apply OMC Adhesive M sealant to the bottom flange of the adapter/inner exhaust housing. Install a new seal.
2. Install the water tube.
3. Apply OMC Gel-Seal II sealant to the adapter flange of the exhaust housing. Install the adapter/inner exhaust housing onto the exhaust housing.
4. Apply OMC Nut Lock to threads of the four retaining screws and torque to 60-84 in. lbs. (7-9 N-m).
1. If removed, apply soapy water to the two lower mounts, and place the mounts in the exhaust housing. One side of mount is stamped “OUTSIDE” to indicate placement. Position the mount covers. Install the screws and torque them to 13-15 ft. lbs. (17-20 N-m).
2. Bring the exhaust housing into position with the stern bracket.
3. Install the four lower mount screws and torque to 38-45 ft. lbs. (51-61 N-m).
4. Install the gearcase as described in Section 6.
5. Install the powerhead as described in Section 4.
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