Johnson Evinrude - Manual Starter Servicing

Outboard Motors
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Manual Starter Servicing

1. To avoid accidental starting of engine while servicing, twist and remove all spark plug leads.
2. Remove the screw retaining the starter lockout cable clamp ® to the starter housing. Remove starter lockout slide from the starter housing.
3. Remove the three starter housing retaining screws © with lock washers and washers.
4. Remove the two screws ® retaining the starter handle bracket to the motor. Lift starter housing from motor.
1. Wear safety glasses while disassembling and assembling manual starters because of rewind spring tension.
2. Pull the starter rope out far enough to tie a slip knot in the rope. Pry the starter rope anchor ® out of the handle (9. Remove the handle, release the knot, and ease the starter pulley back until the rewind spring is fully unwound. If necessary, remove the starter handle bracket from the starter housing.
Safety Related
3. Remove the screw retaining the starter lockout lever ©, lockout lever spring ®, and washer (D to the starter housing.
4. Remove the nut @ from the starter pawl retaining screw.
5. Remove the starter pawl retaining screw ®, washer (D, and starter pawl plate (E with plate return spring ® from the starter assembly.
6. Remove the starter housing spring © and the starter pawl ® with spring washer © from the starter assembly.
7. Using a screwdriver, pry open the pulley lock ring ®, and remove ring from the starter.
8. Remove the friction plates Cs) and friction plate spring washer ®.
9. Hold the pulley in the starter housing while turning the starter over, legs down. Hold fingers clear of the pulley and jar the starter housing against a bench to dislodge the rewind spring and pulley. Remove the pulley bushing from the pulley.
10. Remove the rope guide shoulder screw @ and guide ® from the starter housing.
Cleaning and Inspection
1. Wash metal components in solvent and dry with compressed air.
2. Inspect the rewind spring for broken end loops and weak tension.
3. Examine the starter pawl for wear.
4. Inspect the starter components for wear. Replace as necessary.
5. Inspect starter rope. Replace rope if frayed. Cut new rope 961/2 in. (245 cm) in length. Fuse ends of rope to a length of 1/2 in. (12 mm).
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