Johnson Evinrude - Water Pump Servicing - 8 thru 15

Outboard Motors
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Water Pump Servicing - 8 thru 15

1. Remove gearcase from exhaust housing as described in Gearcase Servicing, this section.
2. Remove the four impeller housing screws.
3. Remove the impeller housing and impel|er by sliding them up and off the driveshaft. Then remove the impel|er drive pin (A) and impeller plate.
4. Remove and discard the water tube grommet, O-ring, and seal in the impeller housing.
5. Inspect the impeller, housing, and plate for excessive wear.
6. Clean the impeller pIate and gearcase.
1. Apply OMC Gasket Sealing Compound to the metal casing of a new driveshaft seal ©. Install the seal in the impeller housing with lip of seal facing into the housing.
2. Apply OMC Adhesive Mto the impeller housing O-ring ® and install it on the housing.
3. Apply OMC Adhesive M to outside surface of the water tube grommet. Install the grommet ® in the impeller housing with bosses of grommet seated in housing. Coat the inside surface of grommet with OMC Trip/e-Guard grease.
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4. Lightly coat the exterior of the impeller cup with OMC Gasket Sealing Compound. Position the impeller cup in the impeller housing as shown.
5. Lightly coat the impeller cup with oil. With a counterclockwise rotation install the impeller.
6. Apply a thin bead of OMC Adhesive M to the machined surface, on the top of the gearcase that contacts the impeller plate. Slide the plate down over the driveshaft and position it.
7. Apply OMC Needle Bearing Assembly Grease to the impeller drive pin and position it on the flat of the driveshaft.
8. Apply a thin bead of OMC Adhesive M to the impeller housing mounting surface.
9. Slide the impeller housing into position while rotating the driveshaft to engage the impeller with the drive pin.
10. Apply OMC Nut Look to the threads of the four impeller housing screws. Tighten the screws to 60-84 in. lbs. (7-9 N-m).
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