Outboard Motors
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1. Inspect all components for wear and damage. Replace all worn or damaged parts. If steering bracket has received damage necessitating its replacement, it will be necessary to remove the power head and lower motor cover. See "Exhaust Housing Removal.” Steering bracket is attached to the pivot tube with three screws. On Reassembly, dip attaching screws in OMC Nut Lock and torque to 8-10 ft. lbs. (11-14 N-m). STEERING HANDLE ASSEMBLY
Disassemble steering handle by removing screw in twist grip. Remove grip, friction block, spring, and washer.
Tilt handle and pull out gear and shaft, and bushing. See Figure 6-18.
To remove gear and bushing assembly, remove retaining ring and washer. Gear slides out forward. See Figure 6-20.
Lubricate steering handle gear and shaft assembly, and bushing with OMC Anti-Corrosion Lube and assemble to handle. Lubricate washer, spring and friction block with Anti-Corrosion Lube and install on shaft. Align raised bosses 0n friction block with slots in steering handle. Install throttle control plate on handle, if removed. Install handle grip aligning screw hole with threaded hole in gear and shaft assembly. Torque screw to specifications. See Section 2. STEERING HANDLE AND GEAR INSTALLATION
If gear and bushing assembly have been removed from steering bracket, lubricate with OMC AntiCorrosion Lube and install with washer and retaining ring. See Figure 6-20. The gear aligns with the control shaft by means of two notches in the gear and two knobs on the shaft. See Figure 6-21. TWO TWO N OTC H ES GEAR AND CONTROL BUSHING SHAFT ASSEMBLY 43447 Figure 6-21. Gear and Shaft Alignment
Figure 6-19. Throttle Shaft Gear Mesh
To attach steering handle to steering bracket, the gears have mating teeth. See Figure 6-19. These must be aligned. Clean threads of steering handle attaching screw and nut with OMC Locquic Primer. Apply OMC Screw Lock (Part Number 384848) to screw threads. Place one flat washer, bow washer, and flat washer on screw. Thread through steering bracket, flat washer, and into steering handle until sufficient threads appear to engage nut. Apply OMC Nut Lock (Part Number 384849) to threads in nut and thread onto screw. Turn screw into handle while holding nut until sufficient friction is reached to hold handle in any selected position. Then hold screw and tighten nut.
Figure 6-20. Gear and Bushing Assembly
CLEANING, INSPECTION AND REPAIR Clean parts with cleaning solvent such as Solvasol and dry with compressed air.
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