Outboard Motors
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2. Remove cotter pin, propeller nut, drive pin, thrust washer, and propeller.
b. Remove four screws attaching impeller housing to upper gearcase. Slide complete impeller assembly up on driveshaft to expose bearing cap assembly. See Figure 6-12. Remove four screws attaching bearing cap assembly to lower gearcase. Driveshaft with bearing and impeller assemblies, may now be lifted from lower gearcase. See Figure 6-13.
c. Remove "0" ring, impeller housing and impeller, and lower bearing cap assembly from driveshaft. Remove seals from impeller and bearing cap with
Figure 6-14. Gearcase Stud Nuts
punch. If damaged, press bearing from bearing cap, using an arbor press.
d. Drain gearcase. Use a 9/16 inch deep socket to remove gearcase stud nuts. See Figure 6-14. Discard the nuts, since they are not to be re-used. These are self-locking nuts and lose their locking ability after being removed.
e. Separate upper and lower gearcases enough to remove nut and screw holding shift rod to yoke. Pull upper gearcase off of studs and remove shift rod. Turn slightly as bends in rod tend to bind if pulled straight out. NOTE: Remove carbon from shift rod and lubricate with oil before removing shift rod from upper gearcase. Remove shift rod bushing, "O” ring and gasket using bushing punch (Evinrude Special Tool #378778). Drive out from bottom to top. See Figure 6-15.
Figure 6-12. Water Pump Assembly
Figure 6-13. Removing Driveshaft and Water Pump
Figure 6-15. Driving Out Shift Rod Bushing
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