Arctic Cat - Rear Axle and Idler Wheels

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Rear Axle and Idler Wheels

NOTE: Whenever a part is worn excessively, cracked, or damaged in any way, replacement is necessary.
NOTE: The skid frame must be removed for this procedure (see Removing Skid Frame in this subsection).
1. Clean the bearings With a clean cloth.
2. Inspect all idler Wheel inserts (inner and outer) for any cracks.
3. Inspect the outer rubber portion of the idler Wheels for cracks and poor bonding.
1. Remove the cap screw and large flat washer securing the outer rear idler Wheel. Remove the outer idler Wheel from the shaft.
4. Inspect the plastic insert of each idler Wheel for cracks.
5. Inspect the shaft for wear and damaged threads.
6. Inspect all idler Wheel bearings. Turn each bearing (by hand) and if any roughness or binding is noted, replace the bearing.
7. If a bearing must be replaced, see Idler Wheels/ Mounting Blocks - Cleaning and Inspecting in this sub-section.
CAUTION Do not remove the bearing unless absolutely necessary. The bearing will be damaged during removal.
2. Loosen the track ad'usting bolts. Slide the outer adjuster bushings (Ag off the axle.
1. In order from the right-hand side, slide the axle through the slide rail axle slot; then place a bushing (E), inner idler Wheel (D), rear idler Wheel spacer (C), inner idler Wheel (D), and bushing (E) on the axle. Slide the axle through the opposite slide rail axle slot.
2. Place the adjuster bushings (A) on the axle (0n the outside of each axle slot); then install the outer idler Wheels on the axle and secure With two cap screws (coated With blue Loctite #243) and large flat washers. Tighten cap screws only until snug.
3. Carefully slide the shaft (B) out from the slide rails and inner idler Wheels (D). Account for the rear idler Wheel spacer (C) and inner bushings (E).
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