Arctic Cat - Drive Train/Brake Disc (Standard w/o Reverse)

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Drive Train/Brake Disc (Standard w/o Reverse)

5. Remove the cap screws and lock washers secufing the chaln-case cover; then remove the cover.
CAUTION Never use an impact driver on models with a composite chain case. Damage to the chain case will occur.
1. Remove the chain-case drain plug (located on the lower back side of the chain case inside the tunnel) and drain the chain case lubficant.
2. Open the belt guard and remove the dfive belt.
6. Loosen the mechanical chain tensioner bolt; then remove the cotter pins and washers secufing the tensioner spfing to the link pins. Remove the spring, rollers, and washers.
3. Remove the cap screw and washer secufing the dfiven pulley; then account for and note the position of any alignment washers.
7. Remove the flex nut securing the front roller cage and roller. Remove the cage and roller.
4. Slide the dfiven pulley off the dfiven shaft; then remove the driven pulley from the engine compattment. Account for the stub shaft, key, and alignment washers.
8. Set the brake lever lock; then remove the lock nut and spfing washer secufing the bottom sprocket and the lock nut and spfing washer secufing the top sprocket.
NOTE: On AWS VI models, account for the inner and outer O-rings.
NOTE: If the driven pulley is tight on the driven shaft, pull the driven pulley off using the Driven Pulley Puller (p/n 0744-023).
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