Mercury - Trim Cylinder - Removal and Installation

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Trim Cylinder - Removal and Installation

5. Place a large drip pan under trim cylinder and disconnect hydraulic hoses. Use caution when removing hoses as there may be considerable fluid pressure.
WARNING When working around an outboard, follow these 3 steps: 1. Disconnect battery leads from battery. 2. Be sure that remote control wiring harness is connected to engine wiring harness. (Engine can be started with/or without remote control wiring harness connected to engine wiring harness, but engine cannot be shut off unless harnesses are connected together.) 3. Turn ignition key to “OFF” position and remove key from switch.
6. Remove cover plate from each side of engine clamp bracket.
WARNING Before loosening the manual release valve knob make sure all persons are clear of engine as engine will drop to full “down” position when valve is loosened. 1. Turn manual release valve knob on Power Trim pump full left (counterclockwise) to reduce pressure on trim cylinder.
a - Manual Release Valve Knob b - Pump Reservoir “Fill/Vent" Screw
. Tilt engine to full up position (manuallY), and block up with a solid metal bar. . As an added safety measure, use a rope and hoistto support engine. . Remove trim adjustment bolt from clamp bracket.
a - Solid Metal Bar b - Support Rope c - Hoist d - Cover Plate (One Each Side) e - Strap (One Each Side) fTrim Adjustment Bolt
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