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NOTE: To finalize the installing of the lower Aarms, proceed to Air-lntake Silencer (LiquidCooled F-SerieslT-Series Models) sub-section in Section 4 and follow the INSTALLING procedure.
1. If removed, install new split beatings onto the shaft of the lower A-arm; then using a suitable pliers, evenly compress the beating until it is properly fitted to the shaft.
Front Suspension (Ski) Shock Absorber
2. Install the lower A-arm into the sway bar link and with the axles properly installed as noted in removing, place the arm into position in the chass1s.
NOTE: When installing the lower A-arm, position the shock absorber to the inside of the spindle axle before securing the arm to the chassis.
1. Position the front of the snowmobile up onto a safety stand taking all pressure off the skis.
2. Remove the cap screws secufing the shock absorber to the front end assembly and spindle; then remove the shock absorber. Account for all mounting hardware.
NOTE: Note the number of threads exposed between the spring adjuster and shock housing for installing purposes.
3. Using the Shock Spfing Removal Tool, remove the spfing from the shock body by compressing the spfing; then remove the spn'ng retainer from the top of the spfing. Inspect the shock absorber by quickly compressing and extending the shock plunger while firmly holding the shock body. Resistance must be felt in both directions.
3. Install the cap screws and lock nuts secufing the A-arm to the chassis; then tighten to 32 ft-lb.
NOTE: When installing the rear cap screw of the A-arm, keep the cap screw approximately 1/2 in. out from being fully installed. This will allow for easier installation of the lock nut.
NOTE: Whenever a part is worn excessively, cracked, or damaged in any way, replacement is necessary.
4. Install the sway bar/link to the lower A-arm.
1. Inspect the shock absorber seal area for signs of excessive oil leakage.
5. Position the spindle into the lower A-arm; then install the beating cap and secure the cap to the spindle with the four torX-head cap screws. Tighten to 20 ft-lb.
2. Inspect the shock absorber mounting eyelet, bushings, and sleeve for wear or damage.
3. Inspect the threaded shock sleeve for damage or wear. Clean the sleeve and apply a light coat of grease to the threads before installing.
1. Using the shock spfing tool, place the spring on the shock absorber and secure with the retainer.
2. Adjust the retainer nut (spring adjuster) (if applicable) until the specified amount of threads are exposed between the spring adjuster and the shock housing (noted in removing) as an initial setting.
3. Install the bushings, sleeves, and spacers into each shock end; then place the shock absorber into position. Install both cap screws from the front. Tighten the lock nuts to 20 ft-lb (Bearcat/Panther/ Crossfire/M-Sefies) or 32 ft-lb (F-Sefies/T-Series).
6. Install the shock absorber to the spindle; then install the cap screw and lock nut. Tighten to 32 ftlb.
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